Hi There! Looking to Invest/Commission

Hey all - Hope this is okay to post… but I’m looking to get a quote on a commission to bring our characters alive in the 3D world, in potentially various (formats?) that will be compatible in multiple areas? I’m also interested in getting various emotion and body animations that we can trigger. I know that might be a big ask but I’m just not an expert on 3D models and their compatibility in different software so I don’t mind being educated so I know what I need to get, haha.

I currently have a 3D Avatar Model that’s working in FaceRig, VRChat and Beat Saber. However I also need to have one that works in… what I think is called… MMD? (Allows the avatar to be on the ‘desktop software’ so we can potentially capture that as a source into OBS to be used on streams)

FYI - We have Full Body Tracking available; I believe… (VIVE Index with 3 extra Trackers for Waist and both feet). The current model we have is being upgraded with the Full Body Tracking.

What I’m looking to commission is a 3d Model that will be highly compatible with software that we can bring to life in fun and creative ways!

Avatars are Anthromorphic - If interested you can see them in their comic: https://tapas.io/series/Faircrest-Furries - You’re welcome to contact me for more information. Thanks for your time everyone!


So you need 3d models of the characters depicted in the comic? With animations also?

I have experience with 3d models of anthropomorphic characters and rigging them, just check my sketchfab profile.
I can do some basic animations too.

Hope you like my style.

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Thanks for responding Klegend! I expect to be reaching back out to those that let us know they were interested/available next weekend (June 5th/6th)