Hi! We're a new resource for textures and HDRI

(Episcura) #1

I just found this site thanks to Sketchfab's twitter account. I wanted to stop in and say "hello," and let you know we're the new kid in the neighborhood of the interwebs.

As CG artists and designers, the founders of our resource were frustrated with the selection of textures available to creatives. A single image on a stock site is very costly or they had to buy a library or a pack filled with textures they didn't need. Thus, the group of friends decided to rectify the situation and created a new resource, episcura.com.

Our site offers royalty-free seamless textures, HDRI and snapshots. Artists can sign up and download 15MB daily for free. New images are added weekly and we're testing a free page that won't count against users' download bandwidth. Paid monthly subscriptions are available for more bandwidth.

You can also find us on twitter or Facebook. We've only recently launched and are happy to get any feedback we can. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Time for me to get back to work, editing more textures to upload!

(Reidh) #2

You are great. Thanks, I reged and dwnlded. Send an email to Andrew Price at BlenderGuru.com

(Episcura) #3

Thanks a lot for the comment.

Just an FYI for you and others, we've added a bandwidth free page that allows people to download without being logged in. This free page includes HDR images as well.

As we're adding new images weekly to episcura.com, from time to time we'll be updating the textures, seamless images, snapshots and HDRIs on this page, so visit often.

Any questions or comments, please contact us on twitter, Facebook or email.

(Kurt Sennerich) #4

15MB daily for free when all hdri are > 15MB. What a scam.

(Episcura) #5

Sorry you feel that we've been dishonest. Good luck with your Unity project.