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Hide object in animation Cinema 4D


(Pavoda) #1

Hi, I want upload animation from cinema 4D, But this animation is little special. no one object move or deform, only hide and appier. Every frame appier or hide some object. In C4D I make it by switcher " hide in editor and hide for render" but this do not effect after upload to sketchfab..It is any right solution? Thanks for advice. P.

(Simon Kratz) #2

You can't really export a "turned on/off" state in fbx or any other format. This won't be saved when exporting so it won't appear in Sketchfab either.
What some people did successfully is animating the scale of the object.
Lets say you want to turn it off in the 20th frame. So your scale in frame 19 should be 100% and in frame 20 its 0%. Vice versa for "turning it back on" :smile:

(Pavoda) #3

Thank you for replay. It sounds like smart idea to change scale object to turn on/off. I traied it...But animation and even 3d model are not correct after upload from C4D.
I tried use fbx format and too plugin sketchfab exporter but exported geometry is terrible and animations isnĀ“t ok too.
Geometry is good when i use .obj format, but there is no animation.
To understand what i mean. My goal is upload 3D object of this building:!blank/longh . (you can click play and watch)
After upload is result following:

Do you have some advice please? how can I upload this with good results?

(Mrchlblng) #4

hey @pavoda, @essimoon,

there actually is the notion of "visibility channels" in FBX.
At the moment we do not support them so the way to hide/show part of a scene is to use a null scale just as @essimoon said. We'll however soon release the support for visibility so stay tuned!
Side note: one "tricky" part in FBX visibility is that it's continuous between 0 and 1, not just visible/hidden. We won't support partial visibility on sketchfab so maybe even if we support the feature, it'll require some adjustment in your scene.

Hide-Show in Blender not working in Sketchfab animations
(Pavoda) #5

Sorry for bad link. this is right

(Simon Kratz) #6

Wow that'S awesome to hear!:smiley:
Didn't even know fbx is able to save visibility but that offers a lot of cool options.
Maybe one day we can have soft animated transparency this way if it's continuous :smile:
Like in connecting this visibility channel value to the transparency shader value in Sketchfab.