Hide-Show in Blender not working in Sketchfab animations

(Gilles38) #1

I am making animations and I have tried keyframing Hide/Show (Outliner) on objects but it obviously doesn't work as the objects are always seen all along the animation.

Is there a workaround to hide/show an object at some point in an animation ? Transparency maybe?
Thank you

(Chaitanyak) #2

i've actually never used it in animation, but I think hide/show is a feature sort of unique to blender hence not likely to be supported right away.. for example if you were to export the file as fbx.. it would also not support this.

transparency is also not going to be unlikely, since animated materials are not supported yet.

your best bet is to have the object's position keyframed out of frame.. maybe even scalled to a tiny size.. or hidden inside another mesh.

(Gilles38) #3

Thank you for your answer. This would be one request to the Sketchfab team: a timeline in the 3D settings for animations To have transparency at given frames for given objects for instance or to have annotations showing only in some parts of the animation.
Thank you

(Chaitanyak) #4

yup, can't wait for it to be implemented.
by the way someone already asked about animated materials and opacity a while back(aug 2015) - https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/animation-alpha/3375

(Dark Minaz) #5

Problem with hide and show is that it apparently doesn't get saved propperly in the fbx as 1 or 0.
What you could use are scale to 0.01, might not be the perfect solution but better than nothing.

Would be nice it if could be added though at some point. Even if fbx sadly didn't really get that much better in the last versions.
https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/hide-object-in-animation-cinema-4d/7464/4?u=dark_minaz - there is the exact reason :slight_smile:
Not sure if there is a change it that yet.

maybe @james can share some light on this :smiley:

(Shaderbytes) #6

scaling doesnt work well from blender , since if you try scale across one frame , sketchfab go an takes that one frame difference and spreads it across many frames .. So you actually see the object scaling instead of it looking like is went invisible.

(Gilles38) #7

Yes This is what I experienced with my Blender files.
Hope a timeline-like feature will appear soon or later for many aspects in the 3D animation settings: transparency, annotations and others