Hiding one node, hides the whole model


(Sputn1kolas) #1


I've got a model of landscape, and a sweep (3D polyline) hiking route on it.

Using the API, I've set event listeners that do various things to the model, such as change camera and ideally, show and hide the route(s).

However, when trying to hide the node that contains the route the whole model disappears!

I think my issue may be that route is of type 'group', as noted in a post last year:

I'm not entirely sure, however, how to convert my sweep into a 'MatrixTransform' type, or exactly why this behaviour is occurring ( best guess is it's a child of another node, so both disappear?).

Model is barebones at the moment, as I wanted to test functionality first: https://sketchfab.com/models/d12184ff25a2405ea9273a635cf1a526

sketchfab.js (3.0 KB)


(Stephomi) #2

Not related but there is an issue in your obj, the line mtllib untitled.mtl should be renamed mtllib model.mtl.
That way, the correct materials will be created and the texture will be correctly assigned.

As for hide/show.
Normally you'd access your node instanceID thanks to its name.
Acromion_Sweep or Wasooch_Default in your case.

However for some reasons, it seems Wasooch_Default has been dropped and everything is under a Acromion_Sweep node.
It looks like an issue on our side during the obj processing, hopefully we'll fix that but no ETA as we have other priority at the moment.

Until then if you export your model in FBX we'll keep both group name.

(Sputn1kolas) #3

Thanks stephomi - it looks like the node hierarchy was able to be solved when we used the Blender exporter.

All working now!