Hiding user controls with animations

The user controls on the bottom of the screen beautifully hide when the user is not active on the screen. This makes for a great full-screen experience.

When an animation is present the controls appear to stay fixed on the screen. It would be great if the controls would hide in the same fashion as when no animation is present. Possibly it is just a bug based on the frame counters updating and keeping the screen active. When the animation is paused it does properly fade away. Basically make it fade even when it is playing.

I would love to have the same full screen user experience without the controls persisting on the screen.

I just tested this, but the behavior seems the same to be regardless of there being an animation or not. If the cursor is on the viewer, the controls persist. If the cursor is off the viewer, the controls disappear after a few seconds. The controls also disappear if the user interacts with the camera.

It works great. I hope I did not get things in a bad state on my end before and created a false alarm.
Thanks for the testing and ping. I’ll be more careful on future reporting of potential issues.

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