“highlight selectable material”option in viewer.api

(Fabbear) #1

hi, in the editor with “highlight selectable material”option we can see a yellow effect on the

red color.
it happens i need the effect for my another project.
could somebody tell me how to do this. color on original texture.

(Shaderbytes) #2

you can change a material color usng the API. As for this xray effect it is not possible. Editor only feature.


(Paul Sketch) #3

Several feature of viewer api to do that:

To get the same yellow effect, If performance not a problem, One could try duplicating all mesh and offsetting it a bit on the original mesh in your 3D software editor, making those duplicate full transparent at load.
Then on mouseover, you make them transparent Additive with a yellow color.

(Shaderbytes) #4

a hack is possible yes … but that is some serious jumping though hoops! I is not possible via the API without such hacks… hence why I said it is a editor only feature :wink: But good to mention a hack is possible :wink: