HIPERVISION.EU - 3D (Holographic) scanning services



About this service

We offer a professional 360° 3D automated reconstruction photogrammetry service for the purposes of:
- 3D Interactive Holographic objects,
- 3D Web catalogs,
- 3D COLOR Print,
- 3D Game objects,
- 3D objects for CG film / Advertising,

Service description

  • Specialisation: In Depth 3D photogrammetry analysis
  • Equipment/software: various Photo cameras and lenses, various Photogrammetry software
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Ability to travel: Worlwide (on-line 3D processing from photos)
  • Resolution:
    -LOW (50 K Polygons),
    -MEDIUM (500 K to 1M Polygons),
    -HIGH (1M to 3M Polygons),
    -ULTRA HIGH (3M and more Polygons)
  • Guaranteed accuracy: depending on the individual project, up to 0.1mm
  • Max / min scannable sizes: from castles to coins
  • Textures: 4K,8K,16K,32K(.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tga ,.tiff,..)
  • Deliverable file formats: .obj, .dxf, .fbx, .ply, .stl, .pdf3D, .dae and more.
  • Additional services:
    -3D scan repair,
    -3D modeling,
    -R&D in 360 holographic displays,
    -Interactive kinect App. for fairs,
    -Unity3d VR/AR interaction App. developer..
  • Costs: on request.


CANON EOS 7D RAW SCANDATA 01 by Hipervision.eu on Sketchfab

Musket_Pistol_01_3D_Photogrammetry by Hipervision.eu on Sketchfab

Mechanical_Vice_Clamp_01_3D_Photogrammetry by Hipervision.eu on Sketchfab