Hiring 3D Artists for feedback and quality assurance position


Hi all,

My name is David, I’m the Head of Marketing at Creators3D, a 3D content creation platform that supplies 3D artists with job offers on various projects. We have over 30,000 artists that work with us in the last 3 years or so and we always looking for more talented 3D artists.

Our clients are big international retailers that require 3D models for their products - we create 3D models from 2D images and references.

I am looking for professional and talented 3D artists to work with us remotely on our platform in a position that involves giving feedback to our 3D artists who work with us.
I’m mostly looking for candidates from Latin America or South East Asia, but I’m always willing to try and work with people from all around the world.

The position is considered to be a full-time position but in your own time zone.

The pay is about $700 per month, 5 Days a week with 12 paid vacation days per year.

If you are interested, please fill out this form (you can also reply here or send me a direct message), and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I’ll be happy to provide additional information on the platform and the job offer via email or a Zoom conversation.


This seemed like an interesting job at first glace but after some digging this doesn’t look legitmate to me. The company has less than 1k followers combined on YouTube and Facebook yet boast of having 30,000 artists on the platform and working with big international retailers.

In the TOS they have this:

"Creators3D shall have exclusive ownership of the Models and you hereby agree that upon uploading a Model to the Platform, all right, title, and interest in and to such Model shall be assigned and transferred to Creators3D. "

So basically they are asking the artist to hand over all rights to their creation to them the moment it’s uploaded before you have even been paid.

They are not exactly upfront on their website with how everything works either, forcing you to make an account to try and get more info.

On top of that out of the few reviews they have on FB there’s a lot of bad reviews stating it’s a scam and they didn’t get paid.

Last post on FB almost 1.5 years ago and over 9 months ago on YT.

I would be wary about this one…

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Hey Sibience,
We know that our social presence is not strong, it’s not our focus.
As for the TOS, the whole point of the platform is to create 3D models for our clients (the big retailers).
We pay 3D artists to create 3D models for our clients, and as such the model itself is not the artist’s possession nor it is ours, it belongs to the client who commissioned it.

All the information is visible and available - you find it all yourself - and just like any other site/platform, some things are obviously behind a registration wall.

But, on top of that all, you are right, in this day and age social presence is important and it’s something we are slowly shifting to.

You are very welcomed to try and work with us and have a more solid opinion after you will actually experience working with us.

Have the best of luck

Thanks for tthe reply!

So can you explain how the system actually works?

This is my guess but it’s unclear.

The artists accept the job and uploads the completed work within the set timeframe, someone from the site then approves the work and then the client pays the artist?

What systems do you have in place to make sure the client pays?

As for the TOS it’s not artist friendly at all. The work should remain the property of the artist until payment has been made. Currently the artists loses all rights to their work the moment it’s uploaded so if it doesn’t get approved not only will you not get anything for your work but you also lose ownership of it.

As for social media I still can’t understand why a company working for big clients and that has 30,00 users would not bother with their social media. How did you even get 30,000 users to begin with? I’ve never heard of this site.

Ok, so it’s actually pretty basic.
An artist accepts a job offer on the site.
He needs to complete it within a set timeframe (so far so good).
We approve it (or not, depending on the quality of the job, of course), and then we pay the artist, not our client.

By the way, the model itself is not ours either, it’s the client’s.
We are responsible for creating the model and supplying it to our client (with or without additional technologies such as a 3D viewer).

As for the social media, that’s a whole different issue.
I know it’s something that should be addressed but we are focused on other things (sales and technology).
Just the fact that we have 30,000 users without major social boosts shows how serious we are (there are other marketing channels for user acquisition, you know, just like this forum here :slight_smile: ).

Sign up, give it a try; worst case scenario, you wasted a couple of hours and earned a few bucks.
Best case, you do about 20 models in a month and earn over $1000…

We don’t have any reason to “scam” our users, we want you to be happy and productive, scamming you will be counter intuitive.

So I’m still confused about this.

On your site for example you have only 4 available texture jobs for bags at the lowest rank which is what you are limited to at the start, and only 48 at any rank. If I was to click on accept job is that job then removed from the available job list for other people until the time is up?

If so and you have 30,000 users why are jobs not being immediately snapped up? If the job isn’t removed as soon as someone accepts it how does it work then? Multiple people working on the same job and whoever finishes first get’s paid?

Anyway thanks for the reply but this isn’t for me right now for the following reasons.

  1. The whole system is unclear and not explained well at all on your website.
  2. The platform basically just doesn’t exist on the web, there’s nobody making reviews of it and nobody even talking about it apart from a few old reviews on Facebook some of which are bad.
  3. Your social media is dead and not being updated.
  4. You only accept one payment platform.
  5. There’s no way of interacting with any of your users. As far as I can tell you have no forum, no Reddit sub no Discord etc. Even some of the comments sections of your videos are disabled.

I don’t think you site is a scam but there are a lot of these kind of websites that promise you can make X amount of money but it basically ends up as slave labour for the amounts you end up with.

It would also be more than a couple of hours wasted to try this out. This is one reason why you need a big social and web presence. Skeptical people like me are not going to waste hours trying this out without at least seeing that there are others using the platform doing positive reviews and getting paid etc.

I will keep this on my radar for now.

Ok, you are getting deeper into how the business work, and there’s a good reason why you don’t fully understand how it works, you are not working here :wink:

But, I’ll try to answer your questions anyway:
First of all, we don’t have 30,000 active artists.
Secondly, we have been operating for more than 3 years.
The amount of jobs is not fixed; there are times when we have a lot of jobs open for beginners, and some other times we have more complex jobs (based on the request we get from our clients).

The platform is not for everyone, and it’s fine, not everything works and match for everyone.
But, I want to answer your concerns anyway:

  1. The platform is still growing and evolving. Some things are not clear either because it takes some time to get to know the system, and some issues are not fully visible to all the artists.
  2. You are right, our brand visibility is low. If you have some ideas where we should have reviews written about us I’ll be very happy to know of them.
  3. That’s right, we don’t have a social media manager to operate our social presence. It’s something that needs to get more focus (and will get when the time is right).
  4. Not true, we prefer working with Payoneer but it’s not the only way.
  5. A lot of sites don’t have a forum. But we actually have a very active slack channel where our users interact with each other. Externally it’s part of the social presence and community building that we lack.

So, we are still growing and evolving and social media is only one thing (of many) that we should focus on.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it, and we will take it in consideration.

I tried this website and it’s legit they actually pay instantly through Payoneer (only) as soon as they accept u r job I made a couple of dollars and it’s true that ends up as slave labor, eventually, u will end up working more than 24Hrs just for $16 and some of there feedback masters don’t even know the how HDRI and lighting work on their own platform viewer totally it’s a pain in my opinion but it’s legit and you can try and give u r own opinion

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Hey MaX3Dd,
I’m sorry to hear that you feel like that.
We are legit, but we are still a growing business and we are working hard on getting the feedback better.
But, it’s important to note, you don’t really work 24 hours, there’s some waiting in between the different steps, but it doesn’t require that much work to get a model done (especially on the 1st tier).
Anyway, the platform is always changing and evolving and we take comments from people very seriously!


putting aside the concerns the others rightly brought up, I am curious as to the rate of payment on the specific job/role that your seeking from your first post.
Just from your wording it gives the impression that the job position is a 5 day a week full-time job, which implies to me 5 full days of work 9 to 5 , sort of situation.
But the rate of 700 dollars a month seems like anyone would struggle to live on, that would equate to 175 dollars for a full weeks work? Or perhaps you meant 700 per week?

The position in question is for a junior position and not for an experienced 3D artist.

Secondly, we target countries where $700 per month (not a week) is a reasonable salary.
For example, the average wage in Brazil is $500, in Peru it’s $420, Phillipines $200 (etc).
So, yeah, it may sound like a low wage for western countries but in other countries, it’s actually a very reasonable monthly wage (especially for a junior remote position that doesn’t require any previous experience).

Ah thanks for explaining that, and sure in that case it sounds more reasonable.

Hey guys,
If you have reached this far in this post, so I want to let you know that we are looking for more 3D artists from South America to join our operations.

Maybe a few images of our models will ignite your curiosity:


Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to answer!