Hockey Player Model -> Input Requested


Howdy Everyone, I’ve been hard at work creating a custom hockey jersey business. I show my customers their designs on a 3D model in sketchfab before they order them and have them produced. I’m not 100% happy with the 3D settings… I feel like my lighting is off and other settings aren’t fully dialed in to make the model look awesome.

Can you guys have a look and suggest things I could/should try to make the model shine?

(Paul Sketch) #2

It’s already very nice imho, great work !

Some tips to improve further:

  • Remove all directionnal lights, but enable the env shadow to get still a nice lighting but with better performance.
  • Generate AO maps for the mesh and add them one by one in the sketchfab editor. (here’s a free tool to do that )
  • Background Env is a bit to “prominent”, I would use “vignette” post processing to make it less so.

(Shaderbytes) #3

Hey Gregan

As Paul mentioned the current lighting is too flat. Here is a sample of your older model when I did the idle animation test , the scene has no lighting other than the HDRI lighting, notice the depth , the shadows from the HDRI ( the direction here of the strogest lightsource is so the fill lighting is stronger ( look into 3 point lighting so you understand the key light and the fill light directions ) Alo added a vignette post process to make the model pop more as paul also suggested. The older model also has more crease and fold detailing than the current and this makes a big difference as well.


When changing to environment lighting, there is a static shadow cast on the ice below the player that bothers me. It looks odd spinning around as you spin the player around. Can you stop shadows being cast on a surface? I can’t see any settings.

  • Looks like the model already had an ambient occlusion file on it. I took a closer look and found the file already in the right place in the model settings.
  • I’ve turned on the environment lighting, I do like it’s effect, but I hate the static shadow that it leaves on the ice below the model. Is there a way to stop the environmental shadow from casting on a particular surface?
  • I’m not happy with the look with the directional lighting turned off. I’ve tried a few options and I’m liking the full moon lighting with a few adjustments (turning down their brightness).
  • Please have a second look at the model embedded above and let me know your thoughts on the latest iteration.


(Shaderbytes) #10

looks better than the first version :wink:

Im not sure what you dont like about the shadows? I mean this is a law of nature and light that is the same in the real world as here. If the sun is at 10am and a building casts some shadow , if you walk around the building… the shadow does not move because you are moving… it is static because of the light source not moving. ??

Lighting is obviously subject to preference but as in my examples above i have no scene lighting other than the HDRI and it looks great and realistic. The HDRI does have a strongest point of light source so it is kind of directional , just more diffused in general than a scene light. In reality studios do use additional lighting in conjunction with the ambient lighting of the environment so this is not bad , but as Paul mentioned the main point here is that there is a performance hit for adding scene lights. As im sure they are using forward rendering this means having to do another rendering pass per light


What I don’t like about the shadow is that it’s static. Takes your eye away from the jersey in my mind.
I’ll take another pass at the lighting today.
Thanks for the tips!


Well, I certainly feel like an amateur trying to polish this up. I’ve taken another stab (lightened the background, changed the colors of the lights to be blue to represent conditions in a rink), but there is one remaining thing bugging me.

You spin the model around to look at the back and the back of the jersey is darker than the front. I thought attaching the light sources to the camera would keep the lights pointing at the model the same way no matter the orientation… I guess I was wrong.

Any ideas on that front?