Hong Kong MTR Train Interior


(Twitte King) #1

Aspiring to be an environment 3D Artist, i am building up my portfolio and practising to be better. I started this Train interior scene, 2 days in.

Last February, I had a class that ends very late, and i took the train home. i am usually the only person on board so i started taking a lot of pics. I have to toying with Agisoft recently, so i dumped these pics into it for fun.

Since it looks pretty cool, i started to make a block out shape. Then i Model individual parts. and here are some test render.

I planned to recreated some materials (as seen below) in Subtance designer since i recent watched a ton of tutorials on that. then port them in painter and do a unreal scene!! also need to photoshop all the stickers and poster!! haha wish me luck!! Any feed back are welcome! staytune for more updates!!

(Bart) #2

Interesting approach! Did the photogrammetry model help the blockout? Any tips?

(Twitte King) #3

the Scan model help save a lot of time! i get the ratio and dimension instantly with snap to surface!

Saved me a lot of time since i dont have to do the following:
1. Measuring the train with a retractable tape (people may call the cops on me)
2. Matching focal length and camera placement in blender.

my blockout mesh without mirror and array Modifiers

(Nomadking) #4

Nice approach using the photogrammetry as a starting point - having the basic dimensions in 3D space has to be a huge time saver!

Looking forward to seeing where this goes :wink: