Hooded character WIP

(Vincentthestud) #1

Hi everybody!~I'm working on making a main character for a game, since I love making games, but never have a good looking models to use. So far, he has a big hood like a monk, because monks are cool. I made a basemesh to use also, but it needs to be tweaked before I upload it. You can find the file here. (Bart, i don't know if there is an easier way to link the file :smile:)

also, here is a picture of the hood int eh sketchfab viewer.

I used blender for all modeling and texturing. If you look close though, it has a light GIMP filter on it to make it more cloth-y.

(Bart) #2

We don't have a direct link to the download, so you've done the right thing. You can also embed the Sketchfab model here directly by just putting its URL on an empty line - it'll expand into our viewer.

Regarding the cloth: depending on the stiffness, I'd expect it to fall a little closer to the ears and side of the head?