Hoperion, the corrupt one

(Nyhm) #1

Hi there!
For my entry, I loved the idea that a black dragon could be corrupted by the burning legion. So with the time given to me, I decided to do an exterior scene. The principal subject of the scene will be a black dragonflight egg on a flying rock platform. On my diorama, this place could be a den of a legion adept who makes experimentations, and dark summonings or sacrifices with the purpose of hatching this egg and offer to the burning legion a new powerful soldier, a corrupted dragon.

Below, you can watch my concept. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

And these are my references !

Good luck to all participants

(Elder Alimov) #2

Very similar to the Legion - to corrupt souls. I like the idea and concept!

(Michael Calvert) #3

Niiiice, excited to see this come to life.

(Deathstroke101) #4

Damn this looks soooo cool

(Nyhm) #5

Thanks for your messages :slight_smile:

It's just a little WIP, I began to model yesterday, I think I will do some modifications.

Advices and comments are welcome!

(Nyhm) #6

Little update of my progression.
All the elements are here (exept some rocks, I will make them directly on Zbrush) all the uvs are done.
I can begin the next stage.

Advices and comments are always welcome :slight_smile: have a good day.

(Nyhm) #7

Some textures assets made with substance painter. :sunny:

(Chaitanyak) #8

love the progress.. nice style

(Nyhm) #9

Little wip of the color step, with some metal things and the demon head o/

(Bart) #10

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Nyhm) #11

Hi! thanks for the uptate!
Still working on the texturing, hope I'll finish before the deadline. These last few days I dont' have anytime to work on the contest. But I will try to finish it's a very cool topic !
Update ongoing! (I can't upload it for the moment sorry! ç_ç)

(Nyhm) #12

Hi there! Little uptade. I think I won't be alble to complete my work for the 22th because of some unforeseen events. I can't spend a lot a time on my project.
But I will try to finish it at his maximum for the 22th. (and finish it after the contest because I really enjoy to work on this project)
The next step is to make textures of the dragon egg, the book and the cristal. Then I will make all the rocks and some alphas for the vegetation and the fx (fire,smoke and power emanation)

Hope the result will be good anyway.