Horror Scene: Dad's Desk (WIP)

Hello, today i wanna show a scene i’m working on, is based on a horror game i want to develop.

I made it using a comic book style, as is the most simple style and i think it looks well enough.

Any feedback will be very appreciate.


I like the style, simple and clean. Tell us more about the game :slight_smile:

I will attempt to revive the survival horror genre. Inspired by games such as silent hill and fatal frame, games where tension is a key factor to generate an atmosphere of terror.

Still an early concept but i feel that i can achieve something nice.

Here’s a concept art of and early “monster”:

Sounds like a cool idea. Are you working in a team or solo?
I like the monster concept :+1:

Sounds like a huge project. I like the artstyle you use in your model, and the concept of the creature seems intriguing. Curios how your projct will turn out will turn out.

In the coding and modelling process i’m all alone but in the story writing, game concept and gameplay desing i’m working with a dear friend of mine.

I’m glad you like it. :grin:

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I’m glad you like it, the project is actually really huge but i will start making little steps and in some time in the future i will open a kickstarter to fund it.

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Very nice, I love this comic style. Great :grinning::grinning:

Thank you, i was trying to do a style similar to the wolf among us, not sure if i did a good job. :thinking: