Hosting of images

I wonder why you don’t provide any means to host pictures in the model’s description? I think that you should provide hosting of single image per model, at least for models in the store. Please tell me that it is on your plans. Thank you.

Sorry, but i don’t see how it’s relevant to my question? In case you’ve missed, i’m talking about hosting images, not posting them.

i thought you just wanted to add an image to your store items, that is the only option i know to add one currently. At least until it’s fully added to to store at some point in the future

No, i just want that i don’t need to host the picture outside of sketchfab, to be able to add it into description under a model. Thanks for trying to help though!

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would be nice to have that, even for non store models to just show a “real” image next to the 3d model to show how close the model is.

You could host it in the forum but that’s also not really an elegant version sadly. So +1 to your request, should be quite useful to many users.


It is true that I have tried many times to host the image to a model, and I always realize that it is through a web hosting, but it is also true that what it says: @dark_minaz works, I do a Print Screen, (Ctrl + V , in the forum and it works), so in part if you have hosting!

(even if it is taking the image of this forum). :smiley: