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House Targaryen - coat of arms

(Michał Orzechowski) #1

While waiting for 6th episeode, here's some fan art.

House Targaryen by Michał Orzechowski on Sketchfab

Hope you like it.

(Bart) #2

That looks good! Can you tell us more about how you made it? And are you going to texture it too?

(Nomadking) #3

That's great @mihciko

I'm sure I'm not the only one whistling the theme song while looking at it :smile:

(Michał Orzechowski) #4

Thanks for the interest!

It was aimed for cnc (and carved already, I will get a photo and post at later time) so I'm not planing to texture it.

What was cool in this project is that I made it as a one pice at begining - sculpting the basic forms and sketching the background.
Then I made heads, tail, wing and background as a separate tools to have a little more resolution for sculpting and freedom - background was resculpted few times.
Everything made with ZBrush.
Then everything was merged back together, re-dynameshed and decimated. The scale was set up with 3d print exported and exported to stl. (it's 30 cm high)
And cured with Netfabb , then carved.

I made one photo with my cell phone, but didn't notice my 2,5 years old daughter changed the resolution to very low. It's the only photo I made for now so as a teaser, wip of waxing:

There are few errors - some parts wasn't separated from the background enough, like tail or wings.