Hover style for custom annotation

Im using “Custom Annotations” like described here (Custom Annotations).

Is there a way to change the default hover-style for annotations?

It looks like there is a transparent blue layer added to the annotaions when hovering.


I don’t want this or at least be able to change the color of the overlay.

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Hi @james ! I currently have the same issue and would like to either remove or change the default hover effect on annotations. Is there a workaround available ? If not, is it something your team is planning on adding in a near future ?



I’d love for us to implement a hover color parameter, or maybe even a setAnnotationsHoverTexture, or at the very least a parameter to turn off the colored hover state.

Would any or all of those meet your needs?

I’ve added your feedback to our feature request tracker, but I don’t have any ETA for that. The workaround would be to hide the built-in annotations completely and build an entirely custom interface.


Awesome. Thank you for your feedback.
I think a hover color parameter would be enaugh in most cases. A complete new texture even better :wink:.