Hovering a few inches above the floor in rooms while in VR

(Rjh41) #1

I’ve noticed that when standing in a room (environment) while in VR, you are not actually planted on the floor of the model but hovering a few inches above the floor. If you place your VR controller on the real life floor, the controller in VR is also a few inches above the VR floor. So, for instance, if I lay on the VR floor to look under something that is a few inches off the VR floor, I am unable to get my head close enough to the VR floor to peek under the object (because the real-life floor won’t allow me to get my head any lower to the VR floor). I thought this was just because I had not set the scale or other settings correctly in my own models but I have visited many Sketchfab rooms and they are all the same.