How about only 1 draft model on the free tier?


I know the real answer to this question is cough up and pay for a subscription, but I was wondering if it would be viable for sketchfab to give us non premium users just 1 draft model to use without it getting deleted?

I understand the need not to store endless models/textures on the servers, but having just 1 draft model that you can edit, tweak until you’ve finished it and are ready to publish would be really handy

pretty please :smiley:


Hi Nick. You can have as many draft models as you want, regardless of the plan you’re on. Draft models, regardless of plan type, are deleted after 30 days.

Sure - i meant just having 1 draft that you could have there as long as you like rather than unlimited.

Ah, I see. What would be the purpose of having an eternal draft?

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Perhaps im being too picky - as 30 days is a nice amount of time. Its just that I tend to reupload my models quite frequently as I progress my work to see how it looks. If the 30 days runs out ill just have to setup the scene again with lights and settings again, which I suppose isn’t the end of the world (just me being lazy as usual :slight_smile: )

The purpose of having an eternal draft Abby is not loosing the 3d settings, as there isn t a feature built in sketchfab to save the settings you made. You ll have to redo the whole 3d settings each time you lose the draft(lighting, materials, post etc). While i don t agree with having a single eternal draft as myself do alot of animation testings and need more drafts, i can see the value in not losing my 3d setting on some draft scenes.

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I get that, but why do you need to keep a model in draft for more than 30 days? If you’re not planning to publish it anyway…

Hi :slight_smile:

My plan would be to ultimately publish the model, it’s just that most of the time it takes me quite a bit of tinkering and reimporting before I’m ready to publish. So ideally I wouldn’t have to set up all the lights, materials etc. again if I lose the draft.

Like I say, I may have been a bit hasty in my post as 30 days is quite generous. But i thought it might be nice just to have 1 draft that you can keep in perpetuity for your latest piece

Like the previous poster mentioned, if there was a save/copy/paste feature for settings then I guess this would be a mute point

Hope that makes sense

We think 30 days is enough, so we’re not planning to add this ‘1 perpetual draft’ feature.

Fair enough. How about the save/load settings feature? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll add it to our feature request list. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks :slight_smile: