How can I contact another Sketchfab user?

(3D Fractal Art) #1

Hi guys,

I may ask a silly question but I don't see how to contact another users unless typing comments under their models. Am I blind or just such a functionality is not available?


(Bart) #2

PRO and Business users have a Contact button on their profile page, but free accounts don't have that option.

(3D Fractal Art) #3

Hi Bart,
I'm PRO and I don't see such a button on my profile page. Can you show it to me?

(Bart) #4

It's here:

(3D Fractal Art) #5

Ops! I have forgotten to switch on my IQ this morning. Of course I will not be able to see that button on my own profile page, silly me. But it would be fun to establish connection with myself. :))))
Thank you Bart for waking me up.