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How can I do a transparency texture effect?

(Phraxis38) #1

I'm going to try to explain :
I would like to have a piece gradually disappear and then showing up again..

Do you have a super trick? :smile:
I work on 3ds Max.
Thanks a lot guys.

(Grico316) #2

That would be a great feature to add. Either animated textures or animatable sliders in the material.



We support the Visibility parameter in FBX, which you can use to hide and show objects:

Visibility Cube Constant by James on Sketchfab

But I'm not sure if it works for gradual disappearing. @waleguene ?


Update! I was able to do it using the Timeframe feature.

Visibility Timeframe Test by James on Sketchfab

(Phraxis38) #5

Thanks James
I'll give it a try but it seems complex for my project.
I'll keep you updated...


I made the timeframe downloadable so you can take a closer look. It shouldn't be too hard!

(Phraxis38) #7

I'm on it now! :wink:

(Phraxis38) #8

Here is the result :wink:

Casse-Tête N°1 by uWood® on Sketchfab

It works but i have some issues :
- 31 FBX files
- 6 textures files

And this is what appears in the map editor!!!! :disappointed_relieved: Tadaaaa!!... 61 duplicates textures!!! It is far too long to set all these maps, and the lights... :disappointed_relieved:

Another point : The logo at the bottom of the piece is not correct... but that's nothing compared to the other point...

HELLLLLP! :grin:

(Stephomi) #9

Indeed it works but the performance took a hit :smile:.

I think the best thing is to wait for animated materials feature or find a simpler alternative (maybe just using scale?), or using the api (but it wouldn't work inside

We don't have ETA for animated materials though.

(Grico316) #10

So you guys are working on animated materials. That's exciting news :smile:

(Stephomi) #11

Well... we don't currently work on it, and nothing is settled yet on the roadmap concerning animated materials, so not promise yet :smile:.


There are some user scripts floating around to save material presets. It might same you some time editing the materials:

In my example, I used OBJ and defined the transparency right in the files.