How Can i embed my skecthfab model view in gmail or another e-mail?


(Udomania) #1

Hello everyone i have a skecthfab model and i want to share in gmail to my contacts, i have copied the code (iframe, bbcode) and paste in my compose gmail or hotmail and nothing hapenned. Thank you so much for your help. Greetings from Machu Picchu - Peru


(Shaderbytes) #2

i dont think you can embed the viewer itself in an email, you can send a url to the viewer page though

(Bart) #3

Correct - no email program supports embeddable media. Same as YouTube etc. The best solution is to embed a picture of the player with the blue ‘Play’ button on it to invite people to click on it, then link that image to the page that contains the Sketchfab model (and perhaps set that to auto-play).