How can I fix Faded vert colours?


(Nickholl) #1

Hi, Im trying to upload a model that I've vert coloured in maya. Im exporting out of maya with a simple lambert on and setting to shadeless in sketchfab, however all the colours are appearing faded. Would anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!


Most likely it's a color space issue. We expect linear vertex colors, so sRGB colors can appear faded.

Soon, we'll have an option to switch vertex color space. For now, you could use post-processing filters like Color Balance to improve the colors.

cc @stephomi

(Stephomi) #3

Yes, the colorspace option for vertex color is coming soon.

(Nickholl) #4

Cool! I don't suppose you would know how to make the change to linear in maya? :). I've posted on maya forums but with no luck - thanks!


Hey, you can change the color space of vertex colors now :smile:

(Nickholl) #6

Excellent! Thanks :smile: I'll take a look