How can I generate LD textures?

(Minzkraut) #1

I've been reading through a couple old posts about texture quality and as it seems the various options (HD/LD) are generated and it can take a while...
but I just checked one of my older models to confirm that and noticed that it only had HD available. Can I somehow generate low quality textures?
HD is barely usable on my mobile device

(Mrchlblng) #2


LD textures were not generated for all "legacy" models but only for new/reuploaded models when the feature was implemented.
You may still request LD textures by saving the model settings in the editor. Note that you'll need to add a small change in the settings (like modifying a factor somewhere) otherwise we won't trigger the task. We'll fix this in the future to make it more user friendly.

(Minzkraut) #3

Somehow my recent model from about a week ago

still has no LD textures :confused:
and no matcap or other rendering options

(Stephomi) #4

For now, if you can see the "HD" icon appearing, it means the multiresolution are already generated.
In your case, there is no need to display an LD button as your texture fits in our budget.

(Minzkraut) #5

Ok, I just assumed LD textures were a general thing that all models get.:smile:
Are there any special rules on how to get the matcap option though?


You need to save the model in Lit mode (or MatCap mode) for the MatCap option to appear. If you use Shadeless mode, we remove the option because it makes the model download smaller.

All models do get LD textures, but if the device you're viewing on can load SD or HD by default, we don't display lower options.

(Mrchlblng) #7

We've just shipped an update that will let you save your settings without having to modify anything and still generate optimized textures for "legacy models.

(Warsoul) #8

Can you fix this ? This is important for assets seller to see all results in 512/1024/2048/4096 textures. That way you can showcase your models with different textures budgets. A way to cycle between Textures Set will be really cool to to showcase different skins of the same model.


It could be an interesting addition to the Model Inspector later on.