How can I improve on the Glowing effect on this laptop screen?

I am making a Non-realistic laptop. Is there anything I could do to improve on this? I personally find that the screen looks too washed out.
I am using emission on the keyboard keys too. Here I am just using an emission map with the letters and numbers. But I when done this way I don’t seem to be able to choose a color.

laptop_for post-01
laptop_for post-01729×715 40.9 KB

As you can see below (screenshot from Blender), I am using a double-screen. They do not overlap mind you. The one behind uses Emission from Sketchfab. The one in front only uses Opacity (Dithered, 0.135, Pattern: Standard).

laptop_for post-02
laptop_for post-02645×560 49.7 KB

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

Hey, you can change the color of the keyboard emission with textures and control the strength of it with the slider.

I am not sure if you are using any of the Post Processing effects, so just included everything I would do. Check this video.

Not sure why the screen is so washed out, maybe it’s the opacity thing. Have you tried removing it?

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I added color to the keyboard thanks to you :slight_smile:
I did remove the Opacity from the front screen. And furthermore I replaced the black and white emission map I had on the back screen for a diffuse map to give color to the Pop OS logo on the lid of the laptop and the On/Off green light on the lower-right corner of the screen. Now the screen doesn’t look washed out anymore.
Thanks a lot warkarma :slight_smile: