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How can I lock the lights in my scene

(Joel3d) #1

Is it possible to lock the lights? Holding the Alt key rotates all of the lights in the scene. I guess this is a feature, should be an option to turn off.

Why? I have lamps attached to a wall with point lights inside, gets broken when I accidentally hold the Alt key

(Bart) #2

Hi Joel,

we currently don't have an option to disable this, sorry. Does this happen often? It's the first time I hear this.


(Lareieli) #4

It happens to me too, I think because my muscle memory gets stuck in holding down Alt to rotate my view because that's the default in Substance Painter. The artist should be able to lock the lights in place, in my opinion. Allowing the viewer to rotate the lights out of place can completely destroy the intended look of a scene.


Thanks for the feedback, I added your +1 to our feature request tracker.