How can I make a Low Poly Model smooth?

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Hey Sketchfab.I am currently Modeling a weapon in 3dsmax,but without the TurboSmooth Modifier it looks really blocky and not smooth like in for example Games.Is there a way to make it smooth without TurboSmooth?
I hate using TurboSmooth because sometimes it screws up the whole Model.Would be nice if someone could help me.



Depending on the file format, our processing usually does a pretty good job of smoothing normals. OBJ usually looks pretty good. You could also try to save a format without normals, e.g. PLY without normals, or STL (has no normals), and we will create them.

I don't have any experience with this, but I think a common way to 'fake' smooth models is to create a normal map from a high poly model, and apply it to the low poly version.

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Hey.Sorry for the late reply.I'm pretty busy with exams.You know,if you have a look at my profile,there's an M37 Shotgun.On that model i used the TurboSmooth Modifier and it was a pain in the arse to make it look more or less good.And then there is my AN-94 Abakan which has no Modifier at all.And the AN-94 looks pretty blocky and not like in for example games.
Is the smoothing provided by the Game Engine or is it just 3DSMAX which forces you to use the TurboSmooth Modifier?



Ok thanks, we're looking into it and I'll get back to you.

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Hi Edenlake smile
Have you tried to use smoothing groups ? I often use them to make a low-poly model look smooth. Smoothing groups can be set through the Modifier panel. What you have to do is select all the faces, and by scrolling down the Modifier panel, you will find a sort of array with increasing numbers, which define several smoothing "thresholds". I usually choose 20, which gives me good results, but you are free to try other values to get the result you want.

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Hey.God damn yes thanks man!.That's what I searched for.But I have 2 questions left.When I apply a SG should I click on many of the Numbers or just on one?.Does that make any difference?
And can I remove this weird shading which makes the faces I selected darker?.Would be nice if you could help me.


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Happy to see that my reply helped you smile
I think this link may help you for your first question smile :

For the other question, I am not sure to understand. Is it related to the shading after having set a smoothing group ? Can you give me some details about that ?