How can I make something like this

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You need to know how to program javascript ,then you can use the sketchfab API to do various things like clicking , animating , changing material colors etc. You also need to have advanced skills in building webpages - html and css etc…

Anyway some of the things in this demo can not be achieved with sketchfab currently , you cant have custom annotation graphics, and you dont have billboard ( planes that always face the camera ) logic built in so you cant create custom ones in your scene, so you cant have annotations like in this sample you sent using sketchfab. You will have to look at other 3d webgl options for that.

So if you have programming knowledge and building webpage knowledge then just head to the api section on this site and all the info is there.

If you want someone to build it for you post a project opportunity for people to react to ( this will cost you money obviously )

If you dont have the said knowledge , and you dont want to pay anyone else to do it … then you need to start learning the required skills and then head to the api section on this site , as mentioned, all the info is there.


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Thank you very much my friend! That is valuable information.

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Hey Shaderbytes,

I read through a few View API and configurator tutorials and I understand some of the coding…I’m definitely a beginner, but what I am unable to find is how should the models / materials be setup.

From all the examples I can find, say klaasnienhuis optionoption app and his star wars examples, I think multiple objects are uploaded and codes are used to turn visibility on and off with CSS menu, but what about the materials? I guess what I am missing is the uploading to sketchfab side of things. If you know of any tutorials or information for that part, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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there are two api’s you are talking about now. One is the data api , this involves uploading of models. The other is the viewer api which is for the run time viewer.

You dont have to use the data api to get something uploaded to sketchfab. You can just upload the model using the website and then use the viewer api only.

I dont know what features Klaas all has in his exporter and data api uploader. it might facilitate some things for better use in the viewer api but I presume nothing it does in this automation is not possible to do manually anyway.

To not get to lost in all this , start by defining your end goal. what kind of browser configurator experience you plan to build or have built. Then step bakwards to the viewer api and see if it can do all that you have envisioned. Filter your expectations at that point if needed then look into model preparation , what is needed within the model to facilitate easier use of the viewer api.


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Thanks. I’ll try that. Appreciate your time.

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