How can I publish my 3D scanning service?

(Pattap) #1

I dont know why I couldn’t open a new Topic? :confused:
I want to introduce my 3D scanning service in Việt Nam!
Please help!
Thank you!

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(Bart) #2

You first need to apply to be listed through this form.

(Pattap) #3

Thank for your quick response!
I’ve filled out the form!
Thank you @bartv !

(Bart) #4

Hmm, I didn’t get a registration for ‘pattap’ - did you use another username perhaps?

(Pattap) #5

Hi @bartv
I registered a wrong username :confused: My username is pattap (
Thank you so much!

(Bart) #6

Ok, I’ve added you - will email you further instructions.