How can I scan people?

(Hanifborhan) #1

hye guys sorry to intterupt.

can i know how to scan people?
and what software required to this ?


Have you ever scanned your kid(s)?
(Bart) #2

Hi @hanifborhan, I've moved your question to a new post.

I'd say it depends on what you want to do with the results. Personally, I rather like the Structure scanner. It's fast and easy, although the resolution isn't super high. For better results, you can try Fuel3D Scanify, but you'd need to stitch the partial scans back together when you're done.

Photogrammetry might work too, but your subject would have to stay still for a much longer time.

(Punkoffice) #3

With photogrammetry my subjects only have to stay still for 1/125th of a second. That's not a very long time stuck_out_tongue

For more info on photogrammetry you can check out these sites:

Bare in mind, these are fast, accurate and very expensive multi-camera rigs. A lot of experimentation required. There is no manual for this!

(Bart) #4

But YOU are lucky enough to have a setup with a LOT of cameras :smile: (How many, in fact?). Most people use one camera..

(Punkoffice) #5

Haha! I know mate. I was just poking fun at you. My rig consists of 82 x Nikon D5200. Even with 82 I feel its not enough.

I'm not sure I would call it luck though. I am in a LOT of debt frowning I am probably the poorest member of Sketchfab.

(Bart) #6

Hrms.. how do you attract new customers? I know that we have quite a number of scanning businesses here on Sketchfab. Would it help if we set up a directory of scanning services by country/area so potential clients can find you?

(Punkoffice) #7

oh, I don't consider myself a scanning business (though it is part of what I offer). I develop iOS apps, websites and work a lot with augmented reality and virtual reality. I also use to do catwalk modelling and managed a lot of catwalk/promo models. I wanted to put REAL models into "the grid" so I decided to build a 3D scanning rig. Being poor is by choice. I've turned down some opportunities because I still want to build up my experience. I'm scanning, polishing and rigging as much as I can until I'm considered an expert and the guess work has been eliminated.

(Hanifborhan) #8

thank you sir for your fast response..
gonna try it too.. this is new for me to explore from beginning..

(Punkoffice) #9

You can build a multi-camera rig for photogrammetry cheap for only $10,000 if you buy 80 compact cameras like the Canon Powershot. You can plug them all into one computer with USB and control them all with CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit). The fastest synchronisation you can get with that setup is about 3/4 of a second. Its easy to keep still for that long!
This is the kind of quality you will get from compact cameras:

Joel Vermaas - casual pose by punkoffice on Sketchfab

I started with compact cameras and when I got it all working I was able to borrow money to buy 82 Nikon D5200 cameras.

(Bogdan Onishenko) #10

AR Technology allows you to scan the body of human with a special AR application Anotomy4D . do you mean it? See the full list of augmented reality for kids