How can I upload my POINTCLOUD

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I have POINT CLOUD files
Can I upload them?
What type of file I have to convert? and what program I can do it

Thanks for answer.



I recommend PLY or ASC.

That depends, what file format do you have now? MeshLab might be a good option.

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I have .pod and .xyz


I'm not familiar with .POD, but for the .XYZ file, if the vertices (points) are ordered by row:

# Header stuff
X Y Z [R G B]
X Y Z [R G B]

You should be able to just rename it *.asc and upload.

I know MeshLab can open XYZ point clouds, too. So that's a great way to convert to PLY.

If you send me a sample I can take a closer look.

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Thanks a lot for your advice
I can do it now!

Thanks for develope this website too. It's so advantage for my Thesis so much.