How can I uploaded my Animated UV to Sketchfab


(Cdaz) #1

I create my tank model on maya and animated the tank's tracked with moving UV offset.
(Just like in low polygon video game.)
but when I uploaded it to Sketchfab texture just stand still.

How can i fixed it ?



We don't support UV options like tiling and offset at the moment, and we don't have any other features for animated UVs/textures.

I just created a PM thread with you and several other people who asked about these features. If you could tell me more details and send sample data it could help us implement something :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #4

For now morph targets might be an option for you.
I once looked for a workaround for animated uvs when I wanted to do flowing water.
It worked pretty well on Sketchfab.
Just mentioning it if you need a fast "solution" :smile:


Timeframe is another workaround, but you'd end up with a pretty heavy model:

(Maimo) #6

That would be very cool to have Animated UV offset implemented. That is great for effects like waterfalls and rayguns. oh yeah and tank treads also!