How can i watch in stereo 3D?


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Models here are in 3D.
My monitor and projector is also 3D.
So how can i watch it in stereo 3D? It should be gorgeous at big screen with popout.

Will this be supported in near future?
Maybe download a model now, and watch with another app? But which one?


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So, any solution?


Hi, we don't have any support for stereo 3D monitors at the moment. Our main focus is VR.

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Ok. Do you know any app that can show these 3D obj files with nvidia 3d vision?
Or at least on my interlaced passive monitor?
thanks a lot


I'm afraid I don't know of any, sorry :confounded:

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Another new user who would be very interested in stereoscopic view options (alternate line or anaglyph should be easy to implement!) THANKS

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Necessary for me too!