How can i watch in stereo 3D?

Models here are in 3D.
My monitor and projector is also 3D.
So how can i watch it in stereo 3D? It should be gorgeous at big screen with popout.

Will this be supported in near future?
Maybe download a model now, and watch with another app? But which one?



So, any solution?

Hi, we don’t have any support for stereo 3D monitors at the moment. Our main focus is VR.

Ok. Do you know any app that can show these 3D obj files with nvidia 3d vision?
Or at least on my interlaced passive monitor?
thanks a lot

I’m afraid I don’t know of any, sorry :confounded:

Another new user who would be very interested in stereoscopic view options (alternate line or anaglyph should be easy to implement!) THANKS


Necessary for me too!


I have been waiting for 3 years for that VR button to actually work. I thought that we were paying for VR, as in 3D stereoscopic viewing with a left and a right image when we hit that button. We have people making headgear to view our 3D contents. We make contents that we want to view with headgear. My Sony Playstation sure can’t because the job needs to be done by Sketchfab and not Sony. The same view of the subject for both eyes is not 3d or stereo, or VR. James, you have been ignoring this andseem to have no idea what the issue is, and seem to have no desire to implement what you claim to already have. I now have a glass free 3D display that takes two monitors and I don’t get VR from Sketchfab. Others of us have twin projectors, 3D capable projectors, 3D TVs, anaglyph glasses, shuttered glasses, passive TVs with glasses, and can view side by side left and right images in 3D with no glasses. But we still can’t view our fricking Sketchfab models in 3D. Is there some third party software that we can go pay for to run stereo 3D with Sketchfab? Do we have to run it thru Unity to view on a Playstation? This is a no starter, dropping the ball, and falling flat. So what is the deal then? Any plans for to implement 3D before people get tired of excuses? Or is that point already past?

The same here.
And now with Oculus Quest we have 6dof movile HMD soon!
Models would be awesome in this mode.

Please implement!

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What are we supposed to do, go buy this if we want to use a PC and twin outputs?;

And this hits the scripts and chokes, but should otherwise work; This opens but can not run two active instances of a Sketchfab models.

James, any news about it?
I have LG row interleaved 3D monitor with beautiful colors, so watching our models in real 3D would be awesome. And this mode shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Just show the model in every ODD lines and show it from a little left or right view to every EVEN lines. Or show left view to top half of the screen and right view to bottom half of the screen. So we can see the models with a 3D projector too on a big screen. I can help you testing, please, we should do it, many users will be happy and maybe you will have even more business subscription!!

thanks a lot