How can we better support WIPs on Sketchfab?

(Bart) #1

Hi all!

As you've been posting your WIP updates here on the forum I was hoping I could pick your brains about WIPs, and see how we can make Sketchfab a better place for them.

  • Do you feel comfortable posting WIPs publicly on your Sketchfab profile? Would you post more updates if WIPs could be labeled as such?
  • How do you treat different versions of your model? Do you re-upload, or upload as a new model?
  • Are you getting useful feedback? Would you like some way to encourage more people to critique your work?
  • Do you have other ideas to improve our support for WIPs?


Ping: @verticles, @stridentstar, @kyan0s, @KrzysztofZwolinski, @unifin, @dennish2010, @vailys, @dark_minaz, @foulds3d, @dolores, @vincentthestud, @dauntlessgames, @xavier_allen, @veyratom, @elbriga, @engine9, @jeremy_laplatine, @electrocactus, @karolmiklas, @abatron, @constructidecepticon

(Stridentstar) #2

Hai bartv!

1.: Of course I do. I think it's the best way to get feedback before you start polishing the model, If there's a Label for WIPs why not. But basically I use mostly the draft feature.
2.: Trying to re-upload, if the changes are way to big/different whatever I would upload a new Version.
3.: Haven't received much yet. But what i recieved so far is/was helpful. Yea, I would because getting feedback/critique is the best way to improve your work/skills.
4.: Maybe a system which ppl encourages to help/critique etc. your work. I don't know somethink like a forum title or kind of a rep. system so everyone sees who's a helpful/feebacking person. Or something like WIP of the week/month, the vote is a result of the changes/re-uploads/uploads of the model and the amount of feedback/critique the model received.
Maybe a new section made for WIPs.

(Karol Miklas) #3

I didn't post many myself, just an update or two in one thread.


  • I'd totally want WIPs to be clearly labelled. Even not displayed with finished models, to not mistake them. A good example are WIPs on Behance, if someone cares to see them, it's on purpose. They just doesnt mix with final projects.

Just take a look: above the projects: and WIP label itself:

  • Each time I re-upload to keep all the previous revisions. If I could save my own lighting presets to use them later, it would be great (as I would all the clay models to be shown the same way).

  • Not much attention to my thread, so I skip it. Just not much to comment on in the other hand. :smile:

A quick filter on models list would come in handy. While I got quite a lot models uploaded, it sometimes take a while to find the specific one. :smile:

(Unifin) #4

Yeah i am happy with posting WIP things. Labeling em would be nice.

I reupload model so i dont have do all those descriptions and things again.

Critique/feedback would be nice :smile:

Post's above have some nice things :smiley:

(Bob Danforth) #5

1 I am still exploring Sketchfab as a resource from a part of the industry not well represented that I have seen, so in that sense everything here of mine is a work in progress, as I am still discovering opportunities and limits as each side is a bit outside the box of the other.

2 I have re-uploaded some single mesh- single texture to good effect, still studying the more complicated. As yet getting to "What it is" in the world it came from has not been achieved If a piece has 100 parts is there a way to re-upload just one of them? What is the limit on numbers of textures? And is there a way to globally rename materials to either the object name or texture names?

3 In the large pieces there is evolution rather than a clear start and finish, sometimes forking the design or use in several directions, so even custom work may morph and be sold again (or the customer may morph what they buy), such is the nature of this corner of the biz.

To recap some specifics - Better and clearer material management. If total texture numbers are limited, some easier way to replace a bad choice to be representative with a better one.

Maybe even borrowing the bit of opensource software that makes 3d objects from the RBGcolors of Sculpted prim 1024 pixel images :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #6

--------------- Idea

I guess it comes down to "i have to write a lot of things all the time, like all the tags etc so i guess if there is a option to "upload 2nd model stage" that connects both and adds all the tags it would atleast make me post more regular wip uploads (i tend to post a lot of pictures since i'm to lazy to write the tags etc)

so something like a parent system
You upload the first and set it to WIP, that adds a button that can connect it to the wip section in the forum (not create a thread, but where you can put in the link to the thread you did create)
WIP models have a additional tab under edits called "upload next stage/version/sketchvolution or whatever"
- Once you upload something under that tab it connects both of them and adds another 2 tabs (prev and next) (like version 2 links to vers 1 and vers 3)
(that also would add a WIP tag, so it would be simpler to search)
Once you are "done" you can set the last one to "final" so it looses the WIP Tag.

I think that would help both people that upload wips, and people that would view them, to see . ah hey there is a advanced version. Or people that would maybe want to learn something to go and check how it started.

--- also after reading @karolmiklas post, keeping the lights would be a great feature, so not just the tags bit the lights, pbr and the post process (if enabled) so you won't have to think about those to keep a simliar look to the previous version

-------------------- personal wip view

Personally the one thing that stops me is that i have to put in "to much" work for each version, that i just decide to to upload almost done versions at this point.
I never use reupload, i tend to delete stuff and upload it new or just have both there. Mostly to see how many "NEW" people did watch that specific version, rather than having a number where you don't know, is that from version 1 or 2.

--------------------- sketchfab specific

Guess that is the extend you guys can provide for us, the rest comes down to the community in how many people get active in cnc, i tend to post my things on facebook etc due to certain lack of feedback.
The only impact you could to is once you have a nice wip system implemented to create a contest around it, like "5 days" where you have to upload a version each day (with 1 day break to write comments about others (mandatory) ) so overall a 10day "event"

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #7


  • Yes, I update my work when the update is needed so I don't think the label system improve something.
  • Yes I use re-upload but first I make screen shot of the old version and replace the old C&C version of the 3d model. Then I made another post with new version.
  • sometimes yes sometimes no like in live :wink:
  • no

(Electrocactus) #8

Hi @bartv , thanks for pinging me!

1) I think WIP should be a different category, similar to behance. They have two roots: portfolio and WIP. This way, you can post raw crappy things, just to see, how it looks, without downgrading your portfolio. Imho

2) I would like to start new model and than slowly update it, by re-uploading mesh. However, last time I tried it, lights and materials did not save and I needed to re-set them. Duno, how far is the: re-upload function, but it would be nice to have simple mesh update system, without having to reset scene.

3) I personally did not get any useful critique. I got few comments and I am thank full for that, however, would be nice to get feedback from top artists on sketchfab. Perhaps some kind of point reward system/ experience bar would give people motivation to post? for example, if you post a lot in forum, you get various badges.

4) WIP posts should have some kind of automatic: bump/up system. So more people can see it. For example, every 72h, post jumps to 1st page. Something like that.


(Bart) #9

Hey all,

this is awesome feedback, thanks! We're discussing the best first step in the team now. Seems to me that making the split between WIP and Finished work is the most important thing to get started with, agreed?

Would you like your followers to know you've uploaded a new WIP work by the way? Should we send them a notification? Maybe you want to say 'don't send a notification for this upload'. Alternatively, we could make it clear that the notification concerns a WIP work?

Lots of questions :))

(Electrocactus) #10

Yep, WIP and standard Portfolio is the best first step.

In my opinion, when you upload WIP, in notifications, there should be a notice, that its WIP.

What about views, likes, triangles? The WIP will have it's own stats?

(Yekaterina Bourykina) #11

I do post WIP models for my Patreon but they are all private right now.
I like being able to upload a new WIP model each time to show progression, and of course I have a folder for all of them but since folders don't work on the main Summary page, they alllll just float there.

What I would love to see, is to be able to have models in Folders on the Summary page so it's a bit more organized, OR have a separate WIP tab up top next to "Models" and "Folders" and for all the WIPs be uploaded there (maybe like Scraps on DeviantArt?) and to their individual project folders (organization yay!), unless they are clipped to the Summary page for whatever special reason XD

As for the upload notifications, if people replace their WIP model, I think it's a great idea to have a "inform watchers of update" so even though it isn't a new post, it's an updated one. Then of course if you don't want to spam watchers with multiple uploads, have a "don't send a notification for this upload."

Oh and I agree with @karolmiklas I would love to have my 3d settings saved so I don't have to redo the same thing 18 times :smiley:

Also if we could magicallllly get animated GIF textures in somehow, I would be overjoyed that I could show all the WIP steps of the textures on one final model that I could spin! XD

(Vailys) #12


The forum of sketchfab is clean, i like it.

I'm new here so i still have a lot to learn but i think labelling WIPs would be a great idea.
Actually, i am unsure of what to do when upgrading my work (re-uploading or making a new one). It would be great for people to be able to see every stage we posted so they can see our progress and i fear re-uploading will permanently delete the previous model and therefore not allow people to see progress. But creating a new model for every stage (wip1, wip2, etc.) seems a bit dull because people who liked WIP1 might miss WIP2 if they don't follow you.

For instance, i made a dino and i was lucky enough to have it picked by the staff. But now i've made a new version, who's supposed to be the final one. But what do i do with it ? reupload the WIP one or create a new one ?

So yeah it would be awesome if there was a way to keep track of every stage of our work, and to notify people who liked it that we uploaded a new version, or that we uploaded the final version !

I didn't get a lot of feedback, as i'm ne here obviously, but most of them were "just" comments like "it's nice ", "i like it", etc. And although i'm very grateful and happy to know that people enjoyed my work, it's true that i didn't get many comments that would help me improve my work. So finding a way to encourage people to make constructive comments would be awesome, because this would be a perfect way for me to make better stuff.
Some others posts mentioned reputation rewards and the the ability to users to tell if a comment was helpfull or not, and i agree with them, this could be great. Users who comment a lot and get a lot of thumbs up for they comments could get some special awards like a title or a little icon maybe.

(Distance880) #13

I just wish I could post things to a section that wouldn't flood my followers feeds. Some of what I make is mundane and boring to have appear in your feed over and over. If there was a little check box that said "notify followers" or "don't notify followers"

I know my followers enjoy my larger projects, but every time I post something that isnt designed to be like a fully finished project, I feel guilty that all my followers have to be notified of it :confused: I want to do things like built materials libraries, but I feel bad that anyone following me is going to be faced with hundreds of posts from me in their feeds, and there's nothing I can do right now to prevent it aside from making private posts.

WIP's would work the same way for me. I make alot of them, but I usually keep them as private models because I don't want to spam them, but at the same time I need them.

(Bart) #14

Thanks guys! We're discussing this internally and I'm advocating this feature as I feel WIPs are important to an art community. Our standard approach with these things is always to start with a simple feature (like a way to label work as WIP), measure the impact and then decide if we can invest more time. I'm confident it will prove that we should :smile:

I'll keep you posted!

(Vincentthestud) #15

Hi @bartv i think it'd be great if there was a special thing where you could show the progress of your model up at the top of the first post. Say i posted a WIP, and there were little dropdown menus to show my progress along the way. that'd be really nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bart) #16

Could you create a simple mockup of what you mean?

(Vincentthestud) #17

Yeah, maybe a bit like this:

but maybe with a header image next to it so you can see which update is the coolest.

(Bob Danforth) #18

I really love Sketchfab and the ability to display my work (and even got my regular portfolio site to switch to Sketchfab for 3D display) However there are still a few glitches/unavailable abilities I would really like to see:

#1 Renaming materials -For some reason Materials often come in as Material 1 - Material 50 and I cant seem to change that or remember what material 37 was after fixing the textures of several others.

#2 adjusting materials; sometimes separate things that did not have the same material come in with the same material, and one or more with the wrong scale/rotation of the textures;

#3 Moving separate objects (often very minor differences) for some reason going from inworld GCG to dae the different bits dance somewhat, and arrive slightly off where they are supposed to be.

#4 Alpha channels - In the Grids nearly everything is carried in the diffuse channel, including alpha, it is hard to get that to display correctly (color and texture are also often combined so a white "tuck and roll" leather chair can be any color and Sketchfab does not allow this).

.#5 Blender connect. Just as .blend files can upload directly perhaps we could download our own work to Blender even if not available for public download (bringing the dae to Blender from the grids, has worse clean-up issues).

These are just a few things that would make Works in Progress a lot smoother.

(EgoAnt) #19

I'd be happy posting WIP models. It would be cool if there was a version selector so people could jump back and see earlier versions. Also, if comments could be sorted by version, that would be awesome. And the last feature that I'd like to see is a comparison slider where someone could choose two versions to compare, like these image sliders:

(Simon Kratz) #20

Hey guys,
the main reason for me to not upload too many WIPs is because I know followers always get a notification email if I upload a model.
It's cool when a model is final and you want people to see it but I don't want to spam the followers with my WIPs :smile:

It's probably a more extensive suggestion for an improvement but I thought about adding a third state to uploaded models. You already have "Draft" and "Published". A "WiP" state for models that are supposed to be public to get feedback but are not shared with followers might encourage people to share more of their creation process.
It would do the job for me :smile: