How could I zoom in/out using Google cardboard to view 3D models?


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Hi All,

I am a new user for Sketchfab. I was uploading some 3D models I build to the website, and wanted to view them via goole cardboard. Actually, I can rotate the model by moving my head in different directions. However, I was not able to zoom in and zoom out using the cardboard.

Does anyone have any idea about how to zoom in/zoom out the models?



Hi Cheng,

One solution could be to switch to First Person mode and use the Cardboard button to 'walk'.

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Hi James,

Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I tried the "First Person" mode,and I can zoom in now. But I couldn't rotate the model any more as what I did using "Orbit" mode. Also, I couldn't zoom out as well. Could you please help me figure a way out? Very appreciated!




I'm afraid it's not possible yet, but we're rapidly iterating on the VR viewer, and navigation will definitely improve in the future!

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Hi James,

Thank you a lot! We are expecting a more powerful VR viewer for Sketchfab. Thank you for your efforts that make things easier for us.


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How do you set "first person mode" in cardboard?


Cardboard / VR mode is always first person.

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I was wanting to do the same thing (save view doesn't keep the view on the model when you switch to vr mode)
So that's why I was wanting the walk/zoom so I can view my sphere model from the center of it....seeing the interior.
I found if I click the button it pops up the Web browser instead of walking in the scene.
Is there any other way I can save my positions view on the model for when I launch it on my Google cardboard?


The default view in VR mode can be defined in 3D Settings:

You can also use Annotations in VR to set saved views