How determine what animations a model provides


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Apolgies if this is a stupid question but can someone explain how I can find out a list of the animations that come with a model. As an example this model of an animated sheep

shows a 30 second clip that includes (to my mind) a variety of animations including standing walking, running, eating, rolling over,… however the ‘inspect the model’ secton on the right hand side lists ‘animations 1’ - does the ‘1’ simply mean that there is only one video clip uploaded or does it mean that then model only inludes one animation which is the 30second one of all the above? This wouldn’t make much sense ot me so I’m assuming that the model supports a number of separate animations that can be triggered separately. Is this likely the case and if so then how would I get a list of the separate animations supported?
As I said, the sheep is just a random example, my question would apply to all animated models.

Many thanks in advance for helping a noob get to grips with this,

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The particular model though has only one animation in the Sketchfab Viewer, as it allow the artist to showcase their animation blending.

In this particular case, you have to check the “Additional file” link in the store page model to find that the seller has made separate fbx for each animation and an “Animation List.txt” listing those with more details.

If the seller didn’t also make separate animation accessible in the sketchfab viewer, you won’t be able to see them (ie allow for seeing them separatly)

It’s up to the Seller to choose what to expose in the viewer in the end.
Doing both a “take with animation blending” and allowing to see separate takes would be Ideal, but it’s more work on the artist side (still can ask the)

As for the sketchafb viewer, Multiple animations, cycling between animations, etc is possible. but it doesn’t doesn’t support blend between different animation
Please check