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How do I add speed lines to this sword?

(Wackmachine) #1

My current model is decimated, and does not have UVs (though it has polypaint data). I have a flat plane as a separate obj with transparent speed line textures on it. How do I upload it?

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(Lord00120) #2

I think you would have to at least UV unwrap the plane, then make a png with alpha enabled and upload that in the transparency slot.

(Wackmachine) #3

The problem right now is that the plane has unwrapped UVs, but (the plane) is not included in this current model. The current model has no UVs. Is there a way add on another model and textures on skecthfab?

(Lord00120) #4

No i think the only way is to re upload

(Dark Minaz) #5

add the plane to your model as a new material
and then hit reupload
that should work :slight_smile: