How do I create my own "mech drone" for my homepage like sketchfab's homepage?

I love how the Sketchfab homepage uses that Mech drone on their homepage and I’d like to feature my 3D character on my homepage as well.

Being new to sketchfab I am curious, is this something that is fairly easy to implement into a Wix homepage?

My character also has a rocket but I am not sure how to get that flame effect. It seems to be an animated color gradient along the flame but I am not sure. Any tips or suggestions on how to get this going iv appreciated.


Wix supports Sketchfab, see this page on our Help Center:

We don’t support animated textures yet, so such effects are usually achieved with tricks like animating the planes that the textures are on. But for a better answer, I recommend you just ask the artist who made it :slight_smile: A link to the model page is beneath the embed on the homepage. Click it and leave a comment with your question.

Good luck!