How do I download models, with the texture already on the model?


(Poopman123) #1

How do I download the models with the textures? I download a lot of models for a educational project. But the textures isn't showing up on the models. It's a project for Unity, but the models isn't showing up with textures. And I can put the textures on the model? Any thoughts on how to help me too fix?

(Bart) #2

Can you share some URLs where the texture is not included in the download?

(Mrchlblng) #3

@poopman123 note that when you download a model on sketchfab, you should always have 2 folders in the downloaded archive:

  • source/: this folder will contain the model as uploaded by the user on sketchfab
  • textures/: this folder will contain the textures used in the sketchfab viewer. Those texture might have been added in the sketchfab editor and thus, not be available in the source archive.

So you'll often have to rebind the textures yourself if you want the model to look the same in sketchfab and in your software. Hopefully, one day there will be an universal exchange format (gltf) that will make this process easy but today this is still a cumbersome problem.

If your issue is that the archive you download does not contain the textures folder then this is a bug and as Bart said, it would be great if you could point us to an URL with the problem.

(Gapc311) #4

Please see this link:

I uploaded this model. Added the textures to it in Sketchfab editor and then tried downloading it with the textures. I only received source folder in the zip download. There was no folder for textures.

Kindly help.



There are no textures on that model. Looks like you simply applied solid colors to the materials.