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How do i export my 3D scan

(Fazar) #1

Hi Guys, I'm new to sketchfab and I was wondering if it is possible to export the 3D scan I've made using the Sony 3D Creator app on my Sony Xperia XZ Premium to a file format that isn't html based. I wanted to create an online business card that would allow an individual to view my headshot in 3D with my business details on the left. However in order for me to do that I needed my 3D headshot to be exported out as a file format that would support that.

(Dan) #2

Hi Fazar

It looks like the 3D Creator app only exports 3D scans as OBJ files, which is fine by us since Sketchfab supports OBJ uploads.

You can upload an OBJ file to your account, however, Sketchfab doesn't necessarily export from our platform. What you could do is upload your face and enable it as a download, which would allow you to download the original uploaded file format (OBJ, in this case), and there is an option to download a transcoded glTF version of the model.

Can you describe a bit more how and where you'd host this online business card?