How do I get HTML code to show up on my website?

Hi, I have just started using sketchfabe and I’m trying to find how can I see the html code. I am wondering is there any way I can get the code and can edit it in WordPress? The reason I ask is that I saw some bulleted and other design and I want the same design. I have seen this design on another website. If there is any way I can do the same please do let me know?
Thanks in advance.
Webaddress: to change the design of this website)

Hi @EmmettMyers, I don’t fully understand what you’re after. Could you help me out? You mention you’ve seen a design and you want to use that design: what do you want to use this design for?
You also want to see the html code: the code of what exactly? The sketchfab engine, a website (which one?) or something else?