How do I make my model's displacement look as good as in Blender

I’ll start by saying I’m VERY new to modeling, Blender and Sketchfab.

So, my problem is that my displacement on Blender looks pretty good, but when I upload it to Sketchfab it looks really bad. Here’s a comparison:

What should I do?

You should not use a displacement on real time rendering. Or use it as little as possible, because it uses the mesh polygons to displace them. And for such a fine grain it will need a LOT of polygons (millions or more). It also looks like you need to tile the texture you are using for displacement.

In your case I would just bake a NORMAL map for the grain and apply it in the Sketchfab.

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Looked how to bake normal maps. That seemed to do it. Thanks!

No problem. Your model looks good, but it needs more work on UW’s and better textures.
I would suggest reading this:
It has a lot of good info.

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