How do I make the Sketchfab look the same as the original?

Hi, this is my first time using SketchFab, and I’d like to know how can I make this model look exactly how it’s presented on Blender, I couldn’t do it myself

(On Sketchfab)

(On Blender)

As you can see the texture is darker in Sketchfab and also the pixels gets smoothed even with the closest option enabled.

In the model’s 3D Editor settings, under the post-processing tab (looks like a magic wand) on Sketchfab, try adjusting these:

  • Sharpness

  • Tone mapping (maybe decrease saturation and/or contrast a bit?)

to be honest I would just use the shadeless mode for this, then you get exact hex values displayed on fabs, assuming your not using tone/color balance or some other post processing

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