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How do I prevent a massive drop in model quality when I import a model from Trnio and SCANN3D?


(Yedo237) #1

I had no trouble importing models when Autodesk 123D Catch was around, and I noticed no drop in quality.

However, when I import models from Trnio and SCANN3D, the models on Sketchfab are barely visible and lose lots of detail.

Is there any way to prevent this?

Many thanks!



Could you please share an example model link so I can take a closer look?


(Yedo237) #3

Sorry for the delay, the models belong to students doing a module and not to me so I have taken an example one (its a poor scan, I will take another if I find a chance, I could only test Trnio).

There isn't a marked drop of quality between the two links but the lighting is a little different, would there be any way of making it appear exactly the same as it does in the Trnio/SCANN3D app/webpage? Hopefully this would solve the pixellation/quality reduction problem the students are having when transferring to Sketchfab

Apologies for the hassle!

(Mrchlblng) #4

@yedo237 you should probably

  • switch the shading style to shadeless. Lighting information is kind of baked in the texture so using "lit" rendering i.e. the reconstructed geometry shape for lighting generally gives bad result. It's probably something we should automate for models coming from trnio.

  • select HD textures. Note that the quality textures chosen by default in the viewer depends on the hardware on which the viewer is running (so a mobile would probably use "LD" textures when a desktop would select "HD" textures).

(Bart) #5

You'll find some more tips on improving the presentation of 3D scans on our blog:

(Yedo237) #6

Thanks very much for your useful tips!

I have tinkered around with the settings you mentioned and they do indeed seem to improve the example model.

I have now been sent the original problematic models i mentioned but I don't have access to their settings so I can't test whether your suggestions would work on them - they do look very distorted and were originally uploaded from SCANN3D.

What should I advise the students with regards to these?

Many thanks!

(Oxygenkiosk) #7

Hi yedo237,

Did anything work for you. I think I've run into the same problem today. The above tutorial was helpful in fixing the orientation but didn't fix the rendering quality.

(Mauricesvay) #8

It looks like your model is only displaying vertex color information, and is missing the texture.

(Pavelpetr) #9

Same issue here :frowning: