How do I re-publish an updated model for download?

(Asten Johnson) #1

Is it possible to update a Published model so that the downloadable gltf model file reflects the changes made?

For example, I published a model and made it a Free download but Private. The download gltf file looks like the model in SketchFab. However, if I then edit the model, in this case, change the colors and opacity of some of the parts, the changes are not reflected in the downloadable file.

I changed the Download from Free to No and back again to try to force an updating of the gltf file but that didn’t work.

The only way I can see to do it is to Duplicate the model and Publish it. Is this the only way to do it?

(Bart) #2

The glTF should be regenerated within a few minutes after saving the changes in the 3D editor. If you save and then download immediately the changes might not be included in the archive yet. Could you take a look and confirm if the glTF download is updated by now? If not, we’ll look into it.

(Asten Johnson) #3

I can confirm that the changes were transferred to the glTF model. I don’t have exact timing but it seems like it takes about 10 minutes for the downloadable glTF model file to get updated with all the changes.

Thanks for your reply.