How do I remove UIs from Viewer API

Hi, all :slight_smile:

I have bought a model, and I want to use it on my own website.

I have tried these 2 ways:

  1. I download the model, and load it using threejs, but I lost all lights and post-processes information, and I can not know these information from Sketchfab :frowning:

  2. Then I using Viewer API, but I can not use options like ‘ui_watermark’ to remove the UI elements :frowning:

My require is to embed the model into my website with all effects, and remove all Sketchfab UI elements. I just want a wonderful 3d background for my site.

I can aford the Pro plan(if Viewer API can do this).

But it seems that the ‘ui_watermark’ is only affect the model seller, not me as a Pro plan user.

Any ideas?

You need a Premium plan for the option to remove the UI, logo etc, and it will only work on models that are in your own account.

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