How do I share the Node Configuration (Blender) for Color Swap Shader

Hi everyone!
I just uploaded a new lowpoly asset pack, and added some shader friendly textures (RGB masks) so you can change the color to whatever you want. However I can’t seem to share the node configuration I used in Blender so everyone can use the color swap shader. (Currently there is a GIF in the description to show an example).

What would you recommend is best to ‘teach’ or share the way you’re supposed to use those RGB textures?

Hey, I would probably use GIF as well, can’t think of any other way to do it

Alternatively, you can include a video in the ‘additional files’ section for your store products:


I didn’t know you could add video files too. That’s very nice :smiley:
It would need to be added inside the zip file instead of directly as an mp4, right?

Correct; you can add anything you want to that zip file.