How do I split my model parts so I can apply different materials? Rhino


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Working in Rhino so I guess best output file format is OBJ? But please correct me.

So to keep it simple I have 2 objects and I want to apply 2 different materials , best workflow?



Yep, I always export OBJ from Rhino - very reliable.

As long as you give the materials unique names, they will be preserved. I usually do "material by object" and convert to mesh (the _Mesh command) manually before exporting so I can minimize the number of geometries. Meshes can be Joined even if they don't touch, and ideally you would have 1 mesh per material.

I know it looks different on OSX vs Rhino, but you should get the idea:


For what it's worth, I sometimes just create dummy materials with unique names for the different objects, then edit them much more thoroughly in the Sketchfab editor.

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Thanks James for your help... So I must be doing something stupid as I have applied 2 different materials to the different parts but still it comes across with only 1 material ? see my screen shot

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Looks like you just uploaded the OBJ file. There should also be a MTL file - you need to upload both together. Make sure "Export material definitions" is enabled during export.

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Perfect! Thanks James - works a treat