How do I use pixelart texture?


(Jbrumano) #1

Hi there, I just uploaded my first model into Sketchfab and it’s not working very well.

I’m sorry if the question is going to be very stupid, but how do I use pixelart texture into a 3d model that I uploaded here?

I uploaded a few times already, tried a few things, but I dind’t get any results yet. I also searched for an answer around internet, but it dind’t help either. I’m using Maya and in the software everything works fine. My material has no filter type (off), and I even tried using the mipmap filter type before. My texture it’s an .png because I’m using a little bit of transparency.

Could someone please help me? =/

PS: I’m very sorry about my poor English.


Sorry for the delay. Looks like you deleted the model. Are you still having trouble? Usually setting the texture filtering to mipmap nearest in 3D Settings should do it.

(Jbrumano) #3

Oh! Hello!

Thanks, but yes, I was able to solve my problem. I had a little help from MortMort (@mnrART), who helped me on twitter with this gif:


I didn’t know exactly how to configure the texture filter. I mean, where should I click, where I find the Mipmap Nearest setting and stuff. Just a little noob problem.

Fortunately, it ended well ( But thank you, James.


Cool, glad you got it working :slight_smile: